Discovery Land Company Foundation (DLCF) creates inspiring opportunities for children and contributes resources to lasting programs and structures for non-profit organizations within the communities near Discovery Land Company properties.   Children in shelters, foster care, and those in need of education, medical attention or other helpful services receive the primary support from DLCF.  Each donation provides direct positive results for children.


ECC provides an alternative education for children with learning, developmental or physical disabilities (regardless of financial, family or social restraints) to maximize each child’s ability to become a productive, successful and independent citizen. ECC Founder Lyn Major: “Several years ago my Husband and I adopted twin boys at the age of 3 1/2. We soon discovered that they had severe developmental delays and would require special education. Upon investigation we realized that no special needs program was available on Abaco. Working with local organizations and other parents with similar needs, “Every Child Counts” was born. DLCF has also donated healthy food, nutrition education, employment training programs, transportation, supported music and art programs, and visited and attended musical performances.  Discovery Land Company Foundation has also contributed scholarship funds for some of the children at ECC.


The Mission of the Children’s Village is to care for, advocate and provide a safe, loving, nurturing and healing home for children. Those children who have been abused, neglected, homeless or are in severe family crisis may be served.

“We are most grateful to Discovery Land Company Foundation. They have a sincere commitment to children in crisis and have been supportive of programs offered to the children that live at Children’s Village in Coeur d’ Alene, ID. ”


Located in Riverside County, Operation SafeHouse is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the safety and well being of children in crisis. SafeHouse’s two shelters are the only ones of their kind in Riverside County providing core essential services for runaway, homeless, and foster youth. SafeHouse provides emergency crisis intervention and support services for approximately 800 youth yearly. DLC Foundation has contributed to meaningful programs at SafeHouse since 2010.  Most recently the Foundation substantially funded a new apartment residential program for foster youth ages 18-23, providing mentors, life skills, nutrition budgeting, creative endeavors and more.  Harrison House is a clean, safe, productive place for these young adults to learn and live.

“Because of SafeHouse, my nightmares are replaced by my dreams…I have people believing in me…and that’s one of my biggest dreams come true!”
– Jessie, Former SafeHouse Resident

Amigos de los Niños

Amigos de los Niños (ADLN) provides quality health care in Los Cabos to children up to the age of 18 who have no other means of receiving this care, and assistance in setting up medical treatment for special cases of the severely ill or disabled.  View our 2016 annual report here.


DLC Foundation sponsors two All-Star internships each year.  We ask FosterClub to find outstanding individuals in states which do not provide these internships.  Over 300 youth in foster care apply for these opportunities.  FosterClub has increased their number and scope of All-Stars through the years.  One year during a visit I saw that their van was not in good shape, so DLCF donated a new van allowing the interns to travel and mentor other youth, as well as attend conferences.  They are amazing young people and their Director, Celeste, is respected nationwide.

DLCF sponsors two All-Stars per year.  Their conferences and mentoring across the U.S. are powerfully beneficial to foster youth and their caregivers.

Meet the 2017 All-Stars