1.   What does the Discovery Land Company Foundation do?

The Foundation has three main activities:

The Foundation contributes to charitable non-profit organizations in the communities where DLC operates and which are related to its core purpose. These organizations generally focus on the urgent housing, education, and medical and human services for children and families in local communities.

The Foundation supports the development of innovative high-quality foster care programs for children utilizing residential facilities. These programs powerfully impact the lives of children through education, counseling, resource referrals, nutrition, scholarships to higher education, transitional living skills and a direct link to employment opportunities.

The Foundation connects our charitable grant recipients with additional resources to further their growth and success. This is achieved through introductions and exposure through Discovery’s web site, special events, public relations, marketing activities, and DLC members and staff. Additional collaboration opportunities are dependent on the location or function of a Discovery project and the location of the individual grant recipient.

2.    What types of charities does the Foundation support?

Children in Need – Children and family services in the local communities that surround DLC projects. This would include programs supporting various needs such as housing, medical attention, education, literacy, foster care, orphan care, temporary shelters, youth scholarship opportunities, youth arts / sports activities, and service clubs.

3.   What are the basic criteria that the Foundation considers in its decision to support a particular non-profit organization?

  • Mission synergy with the Discovery Land Company Foundation
  • Integrity of the organization’s public service, and staff commitment and capability to produce positive results for children
  • Ability to communicate with the Foundation’s staff before, during, and after the grant process

4.   How does a non-profit apply for a grant?

Our primary source of referrals will be from DLC club members and staff. We will consider charities which match the mission of DLCF. Given the extensive list of organizations supported previously by DLC, we have several pending grants from our existing and member/staff referrals. Currently, we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals from the general public.

5.   Does Discovery Land Company contribute to the Foundation?

Yes, in a variety of ways, including the contribution of funds, sponsoring special events and tournaments, in-kind donations of staff, and introductions to valuable resources and talented people. These contributions serve to support the work of the Foundation.

6.   How does the DLCF provide foster program support?

DLCF donates to trusted charitable organizations that provide for stable and secure long-term care, parental figures, and tangible opportunities for each child to define and fulfill his or her own life pursuits. DLCF funds solutions to the many adversities experienced by abandoned, court-removed, and orphaned children.  These children have been subjected to abuse, neglect, lack of educational resources, separation from siblings, and frequent moves to various homes.  When they “age-out” of foster care at 18 years old, they have few, if any, options.  We will support these children from infancy to adulthood through a vibrant, consistent system of resources and opportunities.

7.   How can I be involved?

Your ideas, contributions, introductions, and time are all valued. Please contact the Director of the Foundation, Christy Nichols (see contact information below). She has invested 10 years in the start-up and development of every aspect of the Foundation and would enjoy discussing its activities with interested parties. Christy will continue to visit DLC projects, meet with members, employees, and with non-profits in DLC project communities. In addition, Christy will be available to answer questions at select hosted events, member-guest tournaments, and informational meetings.

8.   What organizations have previously received donations or support from the Discovery Land Company Foundation?

Examples (from a list of over 100) include:

  • Los Ninos del Capitan, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • The Children’s Village, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho
  • H.O.P.E. Farm, Texas
  • Amigos del los Ninos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Every Child Counts, Abaco, The Bahamas
  • Child and Family Services, Kona, Hawaii
  • FosterClub, a national network and internship program for foster youth
  • Big Brothers and Sisters of America
  • SafeHouse of the Desert, Thousand Palms and Riverside, CA
  • Best Buddies International