abaco relief

Donations for DLCF’s Abaco Relief have reached thousands of Bahamian citizens. Initially, donations supported evacuations, housing, meals, supplies, transportation, building materials, and more immediate provisions. Through Abaco Relief, DLCF continues to provide certain essential supplies and food to evacuees living in Nassau, through trusted organizations and community centers. The DLCF, through communication with local leaders, residents in need, other charitable organizations, and the Bahamian Government has also supported specific projects and organizations with Abaco Relief proceeds. These projects include reconstruction of a primary school and a secondary school in Abaco, housing repairs for many residents in that region, and new housing for medical staff on site of a hospital.  New grants are in various planning, permit, and human resource stages, and include rebuilding additional clinics and schools. We expect that these structures, built with stronger specifications, will be beneficial to local families. We are honored to participate in the ongoing recovery and reconstruction of Bahamian communities, and we believe the future work of Abaco Relief will continue to have a positive impact.

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How can I donate to the Abaco relief efforts?

The best way to support the assistance for Bahamians is through our website on the donation page.  Contributions by check can be sent to DLC Foundation, 257 N. Canon Dr. Third Floor, Beverly Hills, CA  90210, and wire transfers of cash or marketable securities are gladly accepted.  Please contact Taylor Savitt tsavitt@discoverylandco.com for wiring or transfer instructions for gifts of securities.

How much of my contribution will go to Abaco?

The Foundation will direct all contributions made to Abaco Relief to support victims directly by providing support for temporary housing, evacuation, clean up, community reconstruction, and other assistance for the benefit of the victims of Dorian in the Bahamas and on Abaco.  The Foundation may also collaborate with other relief groups to fund infrastructure repairs and major reconstruction projects.  The Foundation may also provide in-kind support to victims to help them rebuild their lives and communities.  The Foundation is committed to meeting immediate needs, as well as the long-term recovery of the community.

Are donations to Abaco Relief through the Foundation tax-deductible?

Yes.  The Foundation is a California Nonprofit public benefit corporation described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), and Abaco Relief donations will be used exclusively for charitable purposes.  The Foundation will provide acknowledgement letters to donors to substantiate the charitable contribution.

I am a Member of a Discovery Land Company community, and would like to provide an in-kind donation of goods or services from my business. Who do I contact?

The Foundation is profoundly grateful for the outpouring of support from the general public and from Company members in the Bahamas and elsewhere that the Foundation operates.  Because of the scale of that support, however, and the logistics of providing effective disaster relief, the Foundation only can accept contributions of cash (by check, credit card or wire transfer) or marketable securities.  The Foundation does not accept contributions of goods or services for the Dorian relief efforts.

I would like to fundraise for the Foundation by organizing a charity fundraising event, such as a golf tournament, or dinner/silent auction, and would like to use Foundation mailing lists and other resources. Can DLCF support my event?

The Foundation does not participate in charity events organized by others for Dorian relief, nor does it have capacity at this time to collaborate on new programming. The Foundation does not share donor contact information.  DLCF may organize its own events for the benefit of Abaco Relief.

I want to fundraise using GoFundMe for Dorian relief efforts and send the amount raised to the Foundation to designate to Abaco Relief.

The Foundation does not participate in GoFundMe or similar fundraising campaigns.  The best way to promote contributions is to direct donors to our donation page

Can I direct where my contribution is used?

Contributions that are directed to Abaco Relief will be used only for Abaco relief efforts approved by the Foundation Board.  Other than the general restriction on uses of funds restricted to that purpose, the Foundation does not hold any gifts or grants as funds that are subject to donor direction or advice. 

Is Discovery Land Company Foundation an arm of the Discovery Land Company?

No.  The Foundation has close ties to the Company, however it is independent of the Company and has its own fiduciary board.