Discovery Gallery

Discovery Gallery is a new and innovative division of Discovery Home. While you choose designs and furnishings for your luxury property, you may wish to collect a piece from one of our participating artists. Talented local and international artists are featured in the diverse selections.

Discovery Home has made creating your interior as seamless as possible. Now through the new Discovery Gallery program you are helping children in need. Discovery Home will contribute a percentage of your purchase to the Discovery Land Company Foundation. For more information about Discovery Gallery purchases and shipping, please contact Kevin Allen: or (480) 624-5228.

For information regarding charities supported by Discovery Land Company Foundation, and for a portfolio of available artwork, please contact the Foundation Director, Christy Nichols at or (310) 859-0700. From the children you help with your support, Thank You!

By purchasing art through Discovery Gallery, you will support DLCF and local artists.

Discovery Gallery Artists

Amos Ferguson
One of The Bahamas’ most prolific and best-known intuitive artists, often referred to as ‘the grandfather of Bahamian Art.’
View Amos Ferguson’s Works benefiting DLCF
Stephen Craven
Artist Stephen Craven is a landscape oil painter who has spent thirty years capturing the realism and beauty of nature.
View Stephen Craven’s Works benefiting DLCF
Galerie Bonheur – International Folk Art
A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of art by any artist at Galerie Bonheur will be donated to DLCF to benefit children’s charities in the Bahamas. View Galerie Bonheur Artists benefiting DLCF
Antonious Roberts
Antonius Roberts is one of The Bahamas’ most outstanding Artists and its pre-eminent Sculptor and Open Space Designer.
View Antonious Roberts’ Works benefiting DLCF
Chantel Bethel
Bethel, who had a 15-year career at the Lucayan Medical Center, describes her metamorphosis into an artist as a “mid-life renaissance”.
View Chantel Bethel’s Works benefiting DLCF
Christopher Martin
Christopher H Martin has achieved regional, national, and international recognition for creating abstract expressions on acrylic and canvas.
View Christopher Martin’s Works benefiting DLCF
Claudette Dean
Working mainly in oils, Dean describes her work as “expressing the inexpressible through color, form and word”.
View Claudette Dean’s Works benefiting DLCF
Jessica Colebrooke
Jessica’s Tileworks Studio is the leading ceramic manufacturing company in the Bahamas, producing Art tiles and fine art pottery.
View Jessica Colebrooke’s Works benefiting DLCF