FosterClub is the national network for young people currently in, or who have experienced, the foster care system. For more than 513,000 young people living in foster care across the nation, FosterClub is a place to turn for advice, information and hope. Every 2 minutes, a child’s life changes as they enter foster care. FosterClub’s website, publications, events and annual All-Star internship program offer the tools and resources these youth need to connect with one another, to share their experience and insights, and to achieve personal success.

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These young leaders, several of whom have been sponsored by DLCF, mentor foster youth and lead discussions to educate adults, foster parents, caseworkers and government officials about continuing needs and solutions in foster care. These All-Star experiences allow them to learn life skills to furthering their own educations, careers, and dreams.

FosterClub All-Star alumni exemplify the long-term career boosts and professional training success from participating in the program:

“This internship gave me so many skills and opportunities to network and because of FosterClub I am able do the work I am doing now. The sponsorship is well worth it and goes far beyond the doors of the internship. Since the All-Star conference when we met, you actually listened to my recommendations and made them a reality for kids, that’s big beyond words… so I want to really thank you!”

– Nicole Dobbins, Former All-Star, Foster Care alumnae, now Executive Director, Voice for Adoption

FosterClub and DLCF are collaborating on national and local levels. Contact Christy Nichols for more information, real stories about these young, developing leaders, and future solutions for foster care.

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