The Children’s Village

The Mission of the Children’s Village is to care for, advocate and provide a safe, loving, nurturing and healing home for children. Those children who have been abused, neglected, homeless or are in severe family crisis may be served.

CHARITY QUOTE: “We are most grateful to Discovery Land Company Foundation. They have a sincere commitment to children in crisis and have been supportive of programs offered to the children that live at Children’s Village in Coeur d’ Alene, ID. ”

Letter from Children’s Village former resident


Children’s Village has sheltered and cared for over 1,800 children since the first home opened in 1990.  Many of these children have stayed for a long period (3-4 years) because they had no place to go and no safe family to be reunited with.  As they turned eighteen we could no longer shelter them but continued to try to provide support services to these young adults.

Housing, jobs, higher education and life skills often were a real challenge to them.  The Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) oversees the placement of foster youth and when these youth turn eighteen they “age out” of the system. Many DHW caseworkers deal with the difficult task of trying to find support systems for these adult former foster youth.  In the spring of 2010, the DHW was asked to document the number of youth aging out in the next two years.  Region One of Idaho had over fifty foster youth that would age out in the next two years. Children’s Village has long been concerned about this population and a new program began to develop to serve this population, thus the Serving Adult Foster Youth (SAFY) Program became a new commitment. With the availability of ten small bedrooms for studio apartments in the Miller Home at Children’s Village, a budget was developed and fundraising began.

Existing Program Services

The Moyer Home, offers the following programs:  Crisis Nursery Services; Homeless Care for Children; Foster and Shelter Care; Respite Care and follow up services.  The Miller Home is the living space for the new SAFY Program.

This home also opened an accredited school, The Village Academy for youth unable to attend public school. Individual, group and family counseling is a part of the Miller Program as well as an individualized treatment, nursing services, and educational plan.

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