HI! Thank you all for being great supporters!

Here are some highlights of what we achieved in 2016. The Discovery Land Company Foundation (DLCF):

—Completely funded a second shelter and new programs for the  Children’s Village in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

—Substantially funded a building and mentor program for youth ages 18-23, who are aging out of foster care in Palm Desert, California.

— Substantially funded a free medical clinic for one of our trusted charities in Cabo San Lucas, the Amigos de los Ninos.

In other news, Baker’s Bay members donated a total of approximately $104,000 for hurricane relief for local citizens/families within the first two weeks of the fund’s announcement.  We made no calls, applied any pressure or gave any public recognition to donors. The Baker’s team of employees that were volunteering applied the funds where they were needed.

Significant donations (over $200,000 to date) were made to Every Child Counts in Abaco.  It is a school for special-needs children who cannot attend regular school.  The DLCF  donated healthy food and nutrition education, (many students were arriving at school without breakfast or lunch), scholarships, transportation, and other essential needs.   DLCF helped launch a vocational training program, which I visited in May, and their workshop is impressive.

In August, a Baker’s employee started a backpack drive and DLCF funded the purchase of 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies for a public primary school in Abaco.  It was a big success and we will continue that work.

These accomplishments were not as simple as I described.  The shipping, imports, assembling, and delivery were very labor-intensive and managed by the Baker’s Bay staff and member volunteers.

We are also discussing the need for a clean water fountain at another public school.  Students there have to purchase water bottles from a machine.  In many cases, either the students don’t buy them, or they buy them and then discard the plastic.

When I visit each property, I speak with several different employees to find out what is really needed in the local towns.  I go to the laundry room, the boat drivers, the food and beverage servers, the construction company, and listen to anyone who will share helpful information.

Hunter Meldman is very proactive for DLCF, and he has found, visited, or volunteered for some excellent charities in Maui, Big Sky, Idaho, NY, and Palm Desert. He began his own mentor program called Life Pursuits within the DLCF.   It is in his nature; we have been supporting youth in need for many years, even before the DLCF existed.

As the company grows, the opportunities to find and assist more children increase! That is where your generous donations help us. DLCF prefers to designate funds to charities for programs or needs that we can track, receive follow up information from them,  and see the impact clearly.

If you would like to join the DLCF in supporting local youth, you may donate here.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

With much gratitude,